Faith Michaels

Born David Gernovich on Aug. 20th, 1974 in Phoenix, AZ, David moved to Tucson, AZ when he was about 5 years old. Always interested in music, dance and acting, David never though he would enter the world of drag queens. Talked into doing a drag pageant, David won Miss Carousel 97' and Faith Michaels was born. After traveling different states, Faith was offered a job in Key West, FL at Aqua Nightclub. This is her home base. After a year at Aqua, Faith gave TV a try. With her friend Nick, Happily Ever after was on Comcast, a show about homes for sale in the keys. After that, Out and 'bout asked Faith if she would like to do their show. After 2 years of that, Faith was offered her own show, On The Town with Faith Michaels. Now Faith has her fingers in something else, music. After teaming up with DJ/record producer Twisted Dee, Faith has her first single, Fetish. She wrote the song about ten years ago and it's finally coming to life.